Our Story is About Making E-Learning Work for You.


Burst Learning™ LLC is an online educational development group; it’s a “shop” that translates training and development into online platforms. It was born after deep conversations among a team of top educators trying to answer the questions about “how to” engage online learners deeply and interactively. Ultimately the questions the Burst Learning™ Team consistently asks are:

How do we effectively deliver content to ensure learning sticks?

What might this client need right now that our other clients have experienced?

How can this process be lean and sensible cost-wise?

What do all online learners need in the 21st Century?

What's the Burst learning™ philosophy?


Burst learning™ is a phrase that defines “content that’s just the perfect slice or explosion of a lesson or interview or speech that increases the likelihood that an adult learner will become energized and engaged in a lesson.” These burst learning™ moments are the magical or rich parts of a lecture, talk or interview that, when connected to online exercises, resources and workbook materials deepen the learner's experience with your content.

Listen to Andrej Suskavcevic, President and CEO of Financial Executives International (FEI) explain what FEI was able to accomplish with The Burst learning™ Team.

In 2016 at the FEI Leadership Summit this program was officially launched to the member community by the FEI Team. Leadership is a complex topic. FEI is committed to sharing leadership development content for the association members to inspire continuous learning, contemplation of leadership, and the practice of ethical and inspiring leadership. FEI opted to use the Burst Approach interview-based option to create content sharable through iPhones and smartphones; as a result, learners can now hear uncommon leadership stories from board members and industry leaders in finance and accounting.

The FEI learner now has a process of learning fueled by leadership stories. These burst moments contain rich lessons learned from individuals previously not so easy to access. The net result is an energizing learning experience for leadership and personal development.

The FEI Leadership Masters Class was the catalyst to create learning experiences for the organization. Now, the creativity and needs of members will be able to drive how and what topics and programs are developed next.

The FEI goal, much like Burst Learning LLC's goal is always to meet people where they are, wherever that may be and to provide content and learning moments that are burst with meaning and application potential.

Burst learning™ moments feel “right” and trigger interest and inquiry. These online moments mirror and extend live-teaching moments allowing a wider group of people to experience an online workshop or course with the richness of a face-to-face class.

The Burst Learning™ Team designs online learning experiences giving learners the freedom to learn when they have time. Whether you are an author, educator, trainer or financial professional or guru in a particular field, your web based learning portal can provide learners the option to use their computer, tablet or even their smartphone.

Burst learning™ moments can be framed in a 3 minutes or even a 15 or 25 minute time period and can be experienced  through a learner's device whether in a Doctor’s office, standard classroom, connected to a retreat experience or even on the beach! Learning can and does happen anywhere with help from The Burst Learning™ Team.

We have to hit the target when we have a chance to teach at adult learners today. Burst Learning™ is about making that opportunity count each and every time.