Tell us your story, philosophies, and values. Share your best lectures, talks or create a new one with us. We’ll turn that information into a conversational story linked to your past or future message. The Burst Learning™ Team’s network of motion picture and video production professionals, sound and lighting experts along and make-up professionals has you covered.

We provide everything you need to bring your content to life.

Pre-Production:  We enjoy a co-generative approach as we consult, script & story-board to ensure we make the most of your time.

Production:  We like to share our perspectives regarding how and who does the video & sound capture to ensure the “feel” and learning assets are “on brand.”

Post-Production:  We believe editing & motion graphics serve as a way to highlight key lessons and themes. We’ll always have options and recommendations.

Ongoing Learning Management Support:  Our on-demand-support eases your “go live” efforts because we can be the “go to” source for training your internal teams and helping find support your new venture even providing in-house recommendations and alternatives for support.

The Burst Learning™ Team holds one central goal always, that is, to ensure you are always seen in your best form as an educator, trainer, author, consultant or industry expert during our work in creating an online version of your workshop, course or series of courses.